Summer Berths

The “Holzteich” and its peers house about 230 berths from our marina. Here you will find a calm and idyllic berth. There are residential buildings in scandinavian style to the north, a green meadow-area to west and east. There is a green island to the river, which protects your boat even better and makes the harbour calmer.

Summer Berthing Fees

  • long term berthing from 1st April till 30th September
  • berthings (minimum 13 m²) inklusive garbish, lighting and toilets; length x width x 40,00 €
  • Energy: 230 V AC Voltage, CE plug
  • Water: 1/2’’ thread

specimen calculation for summer berth for a 40 feet yacht

length: 12,10 m; width: 4,08 m
price/m² = 40,00 €*

length x width x 40,00   €*

Example: 12,10 m x 4,08 m x 40,00 €*
=1974,72 €* (price inklusive VAT)

Prices For Car Parking

Car parking spaces for long term berthing:

summer, outside: free
summer, hall / inside: 66,00 €*

We don´t take liability for damages to vehicles that are parked on the ground of Marina Yacht Center GmbH! This also applies in the cases that the vehicle is towed.

Contract For Downloading

-sorry only available in german-

Contract Summer Berth

*All prices inklusive VAT.