You find electricity for free at the peers.


You find water for free at the peers, but you need a hose for it. If you don´t have one, come to the harbour master´s office.

Waste Disposal

There is a recycling area at our harbour. You come in with your yellow transponder.


You can refuel diesel in the harbour during the harbour masters office opening times. Our diesel doesn´t include biodiesel.

Sanitation Facilities

Toilets, Showers, washing machines and driers are next to hall C5. You need a yellow transponder which you get for a deposit at the harbour masters office. Toilets are free for use, showers, washing machines and driers costs money.

Bike rental

We providesome bikes for rent. By bike you can take tours to Wiek, Eldena, through the town or outside to the villages. Come to the harbour master´s office and ask for it.

Lifting Service

We lift your boat from monday till friday (saturday by appointment only)! Our crane can lift up until 32 t. Please contact us for lifting services.

Lifting (lift up or lift down) without standing rigg
Boats to 3,0 t 79,00 €*
Boats to 6,0 t 109,00 €*
Boats to 9,0 t 140,00 €*
Boats to 12,0 t 172,00 €*
Boats to 15,0 t 205,00 €*
Boats to 20,0 t 239,00 €*
Boats over 20 t please contact us
Lifting with standing rigg, per process 31,50 €*
for each half hour in the crane 52,50 €*
Rent for bearing block per day 25,00 €*
Moving at the area, per lift 52,50 €*
pressure wash from underwater ship, flat 25,00 €*

*All prices inklusive VAT.


Boat Cleaning

We offer to clean your boat inside and outside.

Overnight Stay

Stay overnight at one of our 4 holiday flats in the harbour! Please visit our special website for it:



We have an experienced team of trained boatbuilders who enjoy to fulfill your wishes. Everything what we cannot fulfill, we give to our service partners here at the marina – so in the end, you will get all solutions from one source.


We love to accepts your ideas as a challenge! Our boatbuilders team is specialized in woodwork and conversion of every description. The Yachtwerft Greifswald GmbH builts swim platforms and new navigation desks for example.


You don´t want that your relationship is breaking up because of the look of your boat? We would like to help you! Our professional boatbuilders refit the wood on your deck and do a lot of more service to make your boat looking like a new one.